Why Develop Gravitas?

Truly effective people have developed personal gravitas - a quality that cannot easily be captured or defined, but which is instantly recognisable.  Variously described as developing gravitas, charisma, authority, presence or self-assurance, this elusive quality is extremely powerful and shows up in various contexts:

  1. Within yourself - feeling internally aligned / personally coherent, sometimes described as 'being comfortable in your own skin', particularly in challenging circumstances

  1. With colleagues within your team and organisation - an intrinsic characteristic of powerful leadership

  1. With clients and stakeholders - essential for being perceived as a strong ambassador for your business

Developing gravitas is not a ‘quick fix’, although it need not take ages. It can’t be achieved just by learning new behaviours or techniques; developing genuine gravitas is a process that has to be cultivated from within and integrated over time.

Specialist coaching with gravitas coach Ruth Paris PCC accelerates and substantiates this process.